August 02, 2010

What do you think??

No card just yet...I was bouncing this idea around in my head and wanted to pass it by you.
I got to thinking about how much time I spend blog hopping and leaving comments.Don't get me wrong I enjoy doing it.But it made me realize how much it means to me when you spend the time to leave me a comment.
So what I'm trying to say is I wanted to do a weekly or monthly "comment candy" prize.Whether it be stamps or embellys or what have ya.Its my way of saying THANKS!! So please tell me what you think.Ideas or suggestions , anything will be great.Is this a good idea?
PS I will be back later with some cards!


Dawn said...

Well I know there are MANY people that just cruise the sites looking for candy. I like to hope people stop by just because they enjoy what they see.
I am also big on giveaways on my blog but I always hope that it is my faithful followers that win. I must admit I have removed some entries because they follow me only when candy is given and as soon as the candy is given away they unsubscribe the same day. I keep track and choose not to reward them.
Just my opinion...sure didn't mean to write a book. Hope it helps.

Graphicat said...

It does take alot of time and effort that is for sure! And yes, I do truly appreciate those who take a moment to not only comment but say something meaningful about the card....more than just "nice card" if you know what I mean. And yes, I also totally relate to the above comment about those just fishing for candy. :o(
I like the random candy draw ideas as well, I've thought of doing it myself just never get around to it unfortunatly!
I truly enjoy seeing your cards darlin! And Im proud to call you a "real" friend as well. :o)

Hill Top Creations said...

What a neat idea, I know with just starting my own blog you really enjoy getting those comments they are special. Monthly could get expensive. Have you thought of an envelope with just some images stamped ready for coloring. (Or is that an allowable type prize)

Take Care Love this site.

Eulanda said...

Might get awfully expensive - what about a quarterly candy instead??? I know another lady who picks frequent commenters and gives them the blog candy. She'll just draw on a Thursday from recent previous posts!!

Sarah said...

yeah, it could get expensive for sure! the other thing I would think about is that you don't want people just commenting because they think they're going to have a chance to win...tim holtz randomly draws from comments, and he gets a TON of comments, but half of them are "cool" and stuff like that, and you just know they just want a chance to win...personally, I'd rather get a comment that's more meaningful where you can tell that they actually like your work, not just "cool"...but that's just me!

Anonymous said...

Great idea and very generous of you but I agree that things might get a bit pricey. I love comments too and it truely makes my day. So I also would be worried some may comment for the candy. I like the quarterly draws or perhaps after a specific number of post may make it more financially friendly for you. No matter, I would still follow and admire your work with or without the candy;>

bernietom47 said...

Wow you have a generous heart but can you afford a weekly draw. I don’t think you really need to say thank you quite so often. I don't have a blog but I do plan to start one. In the mean time I've been following a LOT of blogs trying to learn how people run their blogs and looking for inspiration for my own cards. I must admit that I’ve started following many of them because someone had their candy on their side bar. I do try to make a meaningful comment at least once a week on each blog I follow, candy or not.

I don’t understand why people say you must become a follower to win, or when they get to a certain number of followers they’ll draw. I don’t see why you should give a gift to a total stranger to your blog.
I've seen people ask that their candy not be advertised because it's for their loyal followers only. I know some simply pick someone from their loyal followers. One gal had a long running candy and required her followers comment at least once a week up to the draw date. The last three make perfect sense to me.
We always say 'my house, my rules' I say your blog, your rules. Find something you are comfortable with. HTH I for one plan to continue following you candy or no candy.
Hugs & Blessings