July 15, 2010

OOOPS Sorry!

Quick note..
I just wanted to say sorry because I have received SO many Birthday wishes but I didn't tell you (clearly)that my birthday isn't until July 27 th (date of draw).I'm still gonna keep all my birthday wishes though LOL.Well cause I'm greedy!HAAAAHAAA.
PS I'm loving everybody's wishes!!Some are quite hilarious!!
I'm off to my craft room for some play time,been working lots so I need it!!

See you in a bit!!


Anonymous said...

Well I strongly believe that when your birthday comes up you should get spoiled every day for at least 10 days!! SO happy birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Great chatting with you today! We almost share a birthday as mine is on the 26th (the big 4-0 for me!). Happy Early Birthday if I don't see you before we head out on holidays next week.

Anonymous said...

Aren't birthday's like the 12 days of Christmas? No, well they should be, we would get gifts and well wishes for days before our B'Day........lol! Happy early Birthday to you!

Mrs T. said...

Fully agree with above post
Soooo a very Happy Unbirthday to you to you for the next 10 days.

RubyM:) said...

OOOOOHHH LOL!!! OK MY BIL BDAY IS ON THE 27TH TOO LOL!! My oldest dd is on the 23rd she'll be 14yo!!!!! I'M IN TROUBLE LOL!!!! Well we'll let you keep all your wishes then ,greedy Miss Tanya, lmbo!!!!!!!Have a good one,RubyM:)