July 12, 2010

Birthday Blog Candy

UPDATE ! ! ! Finally pics of the Martha Stewart punches.
These are also inlcuded in the blog candy ! !

Yes it's that time of year in which I'm reminded that I'm getting older.So many wishes and so many candles.LOL
So let's make this a Happy Wish for someone lucky! ! I am offering all this yummy candy ! !



                                                RIBBON.....AND FLOWERS ! ! ! !  OH MY

                                                    & SPELLBINDERS  LABELS 11 

                                      STAMPS...STAMPS AND MORE STAMPS ! !


The Candy will run to Tuesday 27th July. I will draw the winner using Random.Org's Random Integer and post the winner here the following day Wednesday 28th July.

The candy is open to all...and I will ship anywhere worldwide.

So here's all you have to do to enter...Leave me a comment on what you'd like if your birthday wish was to come true.
Spread the news of my candy and link it back to this post...
Become a follower of my blog as this will makes it easier for you to know if you have won! (although not necessary if you do not wish to)
Only one entry per person please.
If you don't have a blog you can still enter - just enter your full name.
Finally please check back to see if you have won.... if the winner does not contact me within 48 hours I will unfortunately have to re-draw another winner :(

Thanks for your continuous support and Good Luck!


Sarah said...

wooohooo!! blog candy!! hey what are the odds that the random thingy will pick number 1?! lol
If my birthday wish was to come true, I would have someone come and clean my house and do my laundry all the time and also I would like to get an unlimited supply of scrapbooking stuff! lol I don't ask for much do I?! hehe

Zeffy said...

wow Tanya,very generous blog candy!!I would love for my hubby and I to go on a cruise and stop over in America so that I can scrap stash SHOP!!!have a good birthday...love from Athens

Hill Top Creations said...

Oh Wow Tanya, My birthday wish would be for both my children to be home for my day with my grandkids of coarse. What a wonderful time that would be.

Take care thinking what would like for your birthday??

ScrappinRPN said...

Nice! Blog candy galore, wahoo! Well, let me see. If my birthday wish were to come true, I would want world peace!

Just kidding, I do but that is not my wish........... I would like to be mortgage fee. Just think of all that money I could devote to card making! Oh, oh and the trips I could go on................................so many things I could do and places I could see!


Froggietalks said...

For my birthday wish to come true would be going to see the Super Bowl on my birthday.. The Super Bowl hasn't yet fallen on my b'day, (within a couple of days), but that would be a dream come true... going with hubby of course.

Mrs T. said...


Eulanda said...

OMG LADY! Did you check your current subscribers? Wait till the next few weeks are over. You wanna talk about skyrocket? LOL!! AWESOME CANDY TANYA! Off to spread your news. Geez your bday or mine? LOL!!

TanySol said...

Happy Birthday Tanya!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best wishes to lady with fantastic name :)
Thanks for the chance to win this AWESOME candy!!!! linked it on my sidebar.
My wish- to be the lucky winner :)
My dream- cutter machine(Cricut or Schiluete)and camera Nikon.
Thanks and welcome to my blog http://karysoltany.blogspot.com/


Danielle said...

Oh my golly gosh! What awesome blog candy!

If my birthday wish came true...I'd have all the cartridges on my "To Buy" list.

Have a very happy and blessed birthday.

Thank you for the chance!


Creepy Glowbugg said...

My, what huge candy you have! Fingers crossed that I'm the lucky winner!
My birthday wish would be to win the lottery, travel the world with my husband and son, and make cards all day in the tropical sun sipping a cool drink with an umbrella in it.

sucor said...

Wow, That's a very generous candy!! My birthday wish is to spend the day with family and friends. Thank you for the chance to win. Have a very happy birthday!

sucor_2 at hotmail.com

Crystal said...

Wowzers.....great candy!!!! For my birthday, hmmmm......I wish that my hubs could be home every day after work instead of out of town most of the time!!!!!


Ξένια said...

♥Happy Birthday Tanya♥
Awesome candy,thanks for the chance to win!
If my birthday wish was to come true, I would have love and my dreams came true...
Kiss & Hugs,

mitch1066 said...

mmm birthday wish,well its only for me indirectly.I wish hubby could get a job he loves,maybe open the restaurant he dreams about and for my son to wake up and go back and finish high school and then further education.These things would make me happy:)
Thanks for the chance to win some fat free candy,im on a diet!


Kathy said...

Happy Birthday!! And thanks for sharing it with some great candy. For my birthday wish, I'd like to be able to afford a house for me and my 3 kids. I'd love for them to each have their own space.

kmgillon at yahoo dot com

Sandy Bayles said...

Happy Birthday. Thanks for sharing it with a great give away. If my birthday wish would come true I would wish that my mother would be able to walk more and use the wheelchair less. Thanks for the oppertunity to win.

Sandy Bayles said...

Forgot my e-mail: davidbayles@sprintmail.com and blog is:http://lovethatexpressions.blogspot.com/

Christine D said...
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Christine D said...

Happy Birthday!! WOW that is great candy!! Um my birthday wish would be to always be positive and not sweat the small stuff! We only live once and life is short!!

KC said...

Happy Birthday! great candy! my birthday wish would be to get pregnant! and to win this candy of course;)

Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday, Tanya! If I could wish for anything I would want to win the lottery so I could buy alllll the scrapbooking stuff I want. I can dream! Thanks for a chance to win a great giveaway, I never do but it's fun.

Afitmom4Life said...

WOW! What wonderful blog candy you are offering. Thank you for a chance to win. If I had a birthday wish and it was to come true I would like to be financially set.

Have a blessed weekend!

Lisa V.

Aisling said...

Really fabulous candy you're giving away! I'll add it to my sidebar ASAP! My biggest wish is having all the time in the world to be able to do everything I love doing!

Tammylee said...

Wow, what great candy you have. I am also offering candy on my blog so stop by and follow!

B-day wish would be to have the clock go back! lol


Penny Stavast said...

Hey Tanya. . . All I can say is WOW!!

Today's the big day 4 me! . . . I can't say I'd like to turn back the clock, as the past is what has brought me here today. . . I guess I'd wish for all the hard work to really pay off with something great in my life!

Hope your wishes come true!

Tina B said...

Happy Early Birthday! For my birthday wish I want to win your Blog Candy (since it is right before the draw! LOL) I am away on the 28th but will find a way to check your blog from afar just in case I am the lucky one!

the purple muse said...

Wow! That's a lot of candy:-) If my birthday wish were to come true it would be for my sis in law to be cancer free:-)

gocanucksgo said...

Hi Tanya!!! Happy early birthday =) I hope it's filled with lots of family, friends, cake and ice cream!!! I hope you get what you wish for =) My wish would be for a puppy! Thanks!!!

Laura said...

Early happy birthday Tanya...what awesome candy. My wish is to spend my birthday with my family, perhaps on a cruise...heehee

Regena said...

wow Tanya,very generous blog candy!!Thanks for the chance..I linked u up on my sidebar..My birthday wish would be to win ur candy..LOL

Graphicat said...

OMG!! You're crazy....for real! LOL All this awesomeness! I could find a good home for all this stuff for you for sure! And well, I would want all of it to go to a GOOD home....not that all these people aren't good.... but you know what Im sayin....like that Eulanda lady.... I mean she lives in Merrit!!! come on! LOL my house is bettah is what Im sayin....

My wish?!?! AT this moment it has to be that my puppy is ALL BETTER!

Hugs girl!

RubyM:) said...

Happy BELATED Bday Tanya!!! I thought i had commented on here but i didn't sorry lol!!! First off you have a great blog and thank you for the chancxe to win yummy candy.

HMMM A wish come true is for family and i to stop struggling to meet ends meet.SIGH it's been so hard these couple of days. :( All i could do is craft to stop stressing THANK GOD FOR THAT!!Wishing luck to everybody and i'll be crossing my fingers,THANK YOU DOLL!!RubyM:)

Nikki said...

Belated Birthday Wishes to you
I'd love some simple things Health happiness and good fortune and see my family too
thanks for the chance
hugs Nikki

bernietom47 said...

Wow I can't believe I just stumbled on your blog, one card and bang CANDY. LOTS of candy! Thanks for a chance at it.
My birthday wish would be that my DH would be well and we would tour the US and Canada in a RV. One can dream.
Hope you have a happy and blessed birthday.

bernietom47 said...

Sorry I forgot to leave me full name.
Bernie Thomas

Rosalee said...

Awesome Blog candy Tanya. Anyone would be lucky to win this stash.
Hmmm...What would I want if my B-Day wish was to come true? That's a tough one cause I already have everything I could possible want. So I guess I'll say, Health and Happiness in my family. I linked you to my sidebar and I am a follower
Thanks for the great chance. And Happy B-Lated B-Day. lol
Hugs, Rosalee

Darla said...

My wish for my birthday would probably be all of the above comments and I know they say money can't buy happiness but sure could buy alot of card/scrapbooking stuff, a holiday, to be able to move closer to my daughter and grandson and all sorts of other great things. So I guess I would wish for the lottery. I would be quite happy with a million, I won't be too greedy. Thanks for a chance to win. And Happy Birthday to ya - hope you get what you wish for.

Ewik21 said...


Teri A said...

For my birthday which is this weekend if I could have anything I would love a good paying job. I am asking for a lot I know but this would make it easy for me to buy all the craft stuff I want

Diane McVey said...

Happy Birthday on the 27th! But I think the blog candy winner will be the one celebrating!!! That is some awesome, generous blog candy! WOW WOW WOW!!! I would be elated to win this! Mercy, someone is going to be VERY VERY HAPPY!!!
I don't have a blog, but hopefully will still be entered!
Happy Celebrating! Have a great weekend!!! :D

ginner said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ginner said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

My birthday wish...to spend it with my grandson, chances are I'll get that one.


nanapuddin said...

Happy Birthday Tanya! I am so happy I don't need a thing for my birthday! Just to spend the whole day with my grandkids would be great! I love anything scrapbooking and Tim Holtz. So if I had to choose a "thing" it would be something made by Tim Holtz! I Spread the news of your candy on my blog...Become a follower! I love your blog! I'm jsut getting started so not to many to spread the word to! TFS!

CastleKat360 said...

Tanya, great stuff your sharing for your Birthday. How all your wishes come true. Today my wish is to have a fully loaded RV and enough money to travel the world...

Skrapbuker said...

Wow, amazing candy. Truly amazing! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win.

My birthday wish ... ?

I could say to win the lottery or come into a lot of money that would make a lot of wishes come true, but I'll be realistic LoL So, it would have to be going home to visit my Mom. I haven't seen her in almost 2 years, by the time my birthday rolls around it will be well over 2 years. I know my Mom would love it ... maybe a little bit more than I LoL

I just happened upon your blog today, so I'm a new follower and I've shared this candy on my relatively new (soon to be changing) blog. http://skrapbuker.iblogger.org

Thank you again for a chance to win such lovely blog candy.


Kleeblatt said...

Wow, what for a wonderful candy. Thanks for the chance to win.
My birthday wish is, that my son would have more time for me

Hugs Monika

Dawn said...

Here is my posting
about your blog candy.
I am so glad I remembered to come back and leave a comment.
My birthday wish every year is to have a day that I am remembered by my friends and love ones.It always makes me know I am loved.
Thanks so much for a chance to win sweetie! Stop over and enter my blog candy giveaway, would love to have you.

coachfans said...

WOW! What a great opportunity for everyone else and it's your birthday...very generous. When it comes to my birthday (which is approaching quickly too) I do not usually ask or want anything. My family just surprises me. The best part of the day is that I do not have to cook - it is a tradition.

I will share your blog candy news with others on my page.

Please come and visit if you get a chance. I love comments too.


Rufus said...

Happy Birthday to you! It's mine in a little bit to. What do I want? Well, I'd certainly love to win your candy! But beyond that, I'd like to see my Mom finish recovering from a couple of very major surgeries. I really don't need anything else. I've still got my Mom so I'm happy!
Thanks so much for the chance!

izunika said...

Wow, amazing candy. Happy Birthday to you!

Lovely Linda said...

Oh my giddy aunt - this Candy is enough to make me CRAZY!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to play - it is YUMBLY and would be a dream come true to win - LOVE the MS Punches - sigh!! I have linked you to my Blog:
and would love youn to vidit sometime!! Thanks again....Oh I will be back to check! Happy Birthday to you!! {{{HUGS}}}

Lovely Linda said...

Opps - here is part 2 of my comment - if my birthday wish came true I would love to take a trip with my DH and children - we would see my DH's family in the USA and Italy and experience more of life - I would love to co-ordinate this trip with meeting some of my gorgeous blogging friends - how much fun would that be! Now you have me wishing .... and watching for youd fabulous CANDY DRAW!!! Thanks again! Happy Birthday for the actual day! {{{hugs}}}

My Sassy Scrapbooker said...

if my birthday wish were to come true i would have all my family together that are spread across three different countries... this has not happened with out family in over 15 years and I know my grandma would be overjoyed!! Thank you for an amazing giveaway!!!

Anne said...

Happy Birthday Tanya! Wow, thank you for the opportunity for such great blog candy! My birthday wish would be a trip to Mexico with my family :) I hope yours comes true! I'm going to go link you to my blog right now!

paperpapier said...

my birthday wish...unlimited crafting supplies to feed my addiction to crafting!
thank you for the chance to win such a fantastic candy.

Vicki said...

Happy Birthday. My wish would be enough extra $ to buy the newest crafting supplies.

Sande said...

Wow! What an amazing assortment of goodies. I want to win...I want to win. lol!

If my birthday wish would come true..I'd move to Niagara Falls and drag my daughter and her husband with me...all three of us love it there.

Happy Birthday, Tanya. Hope you were spoiled rotten and surrounded by those you love and cherish most.