October 05, 2012

The Queen is 40 !

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you 
Happy Birthday dear Cheri
Happy Biiiirthday to you !!

Have you pictured that in an awful screechy singing voice lol
Welcome to your Birthday hop hun ! We won't talk to much about turning 40. I'm sure the number 40 is one you don't want to hear too often.  Although I don't think 40 is all that bad. I have a couple years before I hit 40.And I do have a lot of friends who are 40.I mean 40 is just a number nothing more... Oops I think I'm saying 40 a few too many times.
Don't worry girl you are a very beautiful,classy, talented , intelligent, caring woman,
wife and mother !! Most of all a great friend ! You do 40 VERY well !! 
So here's my card...it did not turn out like I wanted in my head but isn't it always the way when you do..And I was going for pink but it kinda went pinky purple. Sometimes you just gotta go with the wind rather than fight it. :)  I'm hoping that you get the jist of this being dozer...lol. I wanted to go Queenie on your card but I didn't have anything that was working for it.But i did give ya a crown :) By the way that sentiment and inside was my little addition :)

Anyway hun Hope you enjoyed the hop !! Have a fab weekend !!


Hill Top Creations said...

Well done Tanya.. take care

Graphicat said...

LOL Awesome! Thanks so much Tanya. Your card is amazing and so personal, it's wonderful. Thank you for being my friend and joining in on this little hop to cheer me up, it is helping. :)

Maria said...

love the card

CJ Shumaker said...

Very nice! Does look like Dozzer! Lol

Eulanda said...

ha ha ha is that ever cute even if it didn't turn out the way you thought it might. I have a card like that right now that I'm working on. Spent all day on the frickin thing, taking it apart and putting it back together. UGH! But we're out own worst critics. Love the layout on this card too. Hugs!