April 14, 2011

An award ...

My friend and fellow teammate Carla was kind enough to give me an award. How sweet is that?? Thanks hun you're the best!!
Now the rules to follow this:
There are rules after receiving this reward:

        1.-Thank the person who sent it to you.
        2.-Tell 7 things about yourself
        3.-Send this reward to 15 bloggers

Ok So 7 things about me....hmmmm

-My friends are VERY important to me.
-My obsession with scrapbook supplies is border line hoarding.lol
-I have a lot of cats
-I am scared of heights
-I can take lazy to a whole new level.
-I LOVE Chai tea
-I hate summer...I'm a fall girl

Now onto my list of blogs I'd like to pass this award on......in no particular order.


And a little something I wanted to share with ya...I came across these jars at Wal-Mart.I thought they would be fab to store my flowers.....Big enough mouth to reach in and grab.Not to mention,pretty to stare at...

Thanks for stopping by..



JustYolie said...

Thanks for the tip.

ms.espresso said...

... and now I want some pretty glass jars, too! My flowers are pretty much organized chaos right now! Love it!