January 12, 2011

A pretty Sunset,a tip and High Hopes changes...

This is the view from my craft room window.Oh and my in-laws place.LOL.
But it was such a pretty sunset.

Oh yeah and all that SNOWWW!!We got about a foot and a half last night and for the next three days more is expected to come.Thank goodness my BIL has a backhoe(no shovels here lol )to come plow my driveway.My driveway is at least 250 feet long  and about 15-18 feet wide.It would take me days to shovel that thing!!So not happening.

And a little tip I wanted to share with you,if you hadn't thought of it. I have a little tackle box that I put all my brads in (color coordinated)So anyway I was putting some BoBunny brads into this and when I went to throw out the cushion things that the brads are in ,it made me think about how great it would be for those pins that you  buy.So poke away I did.....got more to do ;)

Yes I know I have alot of heart pins??!!

So onto my next news...As you may know High Hopes have been hosting a Challenge every Tuesday.But We're gonna mix it up a little.We will be featuring tutorials in between challenges.So instead of weekly it will be every two weeks.Right now we have Challenge #  100 "ANYTHING GOES"  And it will continue until Jan .24 Th. This will give you more time to enter! You can look forward to a Diva showing you a tutorial on Tuesday Jan 18th.

So I'll see ya tomorrow..Happy creating!


Mrs T. said...

Hi Tanya
Beautiful pictures looks very peaceful and cool.
Looking forward to your tutorial.

Eulanda said...

Pretty pictures and GREAT tip!! I will think twice before I throw away my foam!