December 15, 2010

Ribbit Ribbit Ribbit(HO HO HO)

Heeheee That's frog language for HoHoHo.I'm using a Dustin Pike image for my Xmas card here today.
I just LOVE his work!!His images are so much fun!Now I know you don't normally see a frog coming out of a PINK present.Wait you don't normally see frogs coming out of presents at all,unless you have a boy in the household maybe???Anyway I know it's not very boyish but then again I never really stick with normal.So I'm entering my card into Sketch Saturday as well as A Spoonful of Sugar.

Close up view of frog which I never intended to make ALL glossy (just his eyes) but when a GIANT blob comes out you must adjust!! 


Hill Top Creations said...

So cute nice job. Take Care

Graphicat said...

Ooooh! Love the pink! love it! It's perfect and not the expected for sure! Great nestie too!
cheri come Janet ALWAYS beats me!! HAHA

Eulanda said...

ha ha ha!! Blob of gloss!! Looks so cool! Love that sketch. I should probably post my take on it but I've had so much time. Doing what?! Oh ya, work. pfft. Love the toad!

ms.espresso said...

Heehee... I totally get the blob adjustments- just make it like we mean it, right? Super cute card- love the frog and the pink is perfect :)