November 07, 2010

I got Attitude ! !

OK So I received this Attitude Award from Eulanda..thanks hun!! Although my first reaction was
BITE ME ! ! Me???Have attitude,I think not!?!? Then I got over it and accepted the compliment.LOL Just kidding.... it's ALL GOOD ! !
So one of the rules is you have to tell people 3 unknown facts about yourself ...hmm I would assume you want the good dirt???Like I had an affair with the mailman or something like that right??LOL
 Nope not here! ! Although if  I did,  I wonder if my scrappin' stuff would come faster.??Baaahaa!!I can just picture it ,us all hot and heavy covered in glitter.!!!HaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaa!...Sorry a little......ok ....... WAY off track ! !

1.-I have been with my husband for almost 20 years! ! Yep and I'm still here..

2.-  I  have watched Steel Magnolias probably more times than it's been made.
And I still ball like a baby when Julia Roberts' character dies!

3.-I am beyond petrified of spiders ,bugs and crawly things.

OK So now you know a little more about me...hmmm and you're still here.Yeah!!!!!!!!!


Mrs T. said...

Congrats on the attitude award I see you are in good company.
Scared of creapy crawlers Huh. Hmmm
Hope you had a good trip to Van and all went well.
Take care Love the cards you did.

Graphicat said...

hahahaaa! you too huh, I got 3 nominations! WT?!?! LOL Oh well. I hate spiders too....
Must get together soon darlin!

Eulanda said...

Ummmm BITE ME?! Well that confirmed you have tude. BUT it's the BEST kinda tude to have!! Oh and hilarious sidetracking moment there.....glitter?!! HA HA HA!!