March 22, 2013


Hi. Many of you may have heard or seen the news regarding the end of Google Friend Connect . What does this mean ? Now I don't understand all the mumbo jumbo of it..but I do know that that nice little gadget on the side of your blog that shows you all your friends that follow your blog...will disappear.Now for some that may not matter.The numbers weren't so much of a concern for me however I do look forward to going into my dashboard and checking out all the blogs I follow. I actually find this quite helpful for me,as I follow over 300 blogs lol. I can't remember all of your blog names lol. 

So anyways ,where I am going with this is ...there are options.After reading a few different blogs etc, I came across Krista Smith's blog as well,her option.Which I have tried and is fabulous and SUPER easy.I did panic because my computer skills are not that great lol. Now I haven't had much experience(as in time) because I just joined but so far so good.  

 Bloglovin: You can use this link to subscribe to my posts using Bloglovin, which is a lovely RSS reader that is geared toward fashion, beauty and personal style blogs. here 

So if you don't wanna lose your list try this out :) And for those who want to follow me thru Bloglovin I have added a link to my sidebar 

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Dawn Ruth said...

I too find this confusing and rather irritating why is this service going? Well its these techi types and new ideas. I like you don't want to loose people I follow.But unlike you I like to feel I have people who are interested in my stuff and have followers daft I know. It gives me a buzz when someone new follows my blog I know Ive not got many but its nice and I guess we'll loose them all.